Dear mamas

Dear mamas

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Dear mama,

Take time for yourself. When you don’t, they can see it. They see it in the way you frown, the way you speak, the way you treat their father. When you give your all to your children, you have nothing left for yourself. You owe it to you to have something left. I know it is hard. Trust me, I do. You feel guilty for leaving, even just for a little while. Why?

I confessed to feeling like a bad mother when I took time for myself. What was said back to me struck me deeply. I was asked, “Would you think another mother was a bad parent because she went to the store alone? Because she took a bubble bath with the door locked? Because she went to get her hair colored for the first time in months?” Well, no I wouldn’t. So then why do we think that way about ourselves? It is damaging.

When we take time for ourselves, we are feeding our souls. We NEED it. We come back happier. We come back more relaxed and more grateful for our children. Do not be afraid to share your children with others. They need it too. They grow and learn from it. Let those grandparents have the babies. Let those daddies parent on their own some times.

I encourage you as you read this to do something you love. TODAY. Do not take it all on by yourself mama. They see it. 




2 thoughts on “Dear mamas

  1. I LOVE this! I am about to have my first child this Friday, so this is so helpful! I needed to take time for myself during my pregnancy which was hard, but I will need to remember this for the future too!


  2. I love your message in this post! Especially the part about letting the daddies take on some of the slack because I see so many moms working themselves in the ground afraid to ask for help or just take a breather.

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